May happenings!

picture heavy post ahead!

Quilty Finishes

Number #4 for the year – Miss Elsies Glam Clam Quilt {only a sneak peek as I will do a separate post when I get a full photo}.  This gorgeous little fella is a panel from the Aussie screenprinting duo Cat + Vee.


Number #5 Riley Blake Challenge

As a member of the Modern Quilt Guild it is always fun to participate in one of their challenge. The rules for this one was make something new and a technique you have never used before. I decided to make a mini quilt using the least amount of each piece of fabric they supplied – so I guess this is my first venture into minimalist/use of negative space. I used bias strips to make my “A’s” (as my daughter calls them) and a combination of matchstick and pebble quilting. I also decided to face the quilt instead of the normal binding. I am planning on facing a quilt soon so this was a good chance to practice!



Number #6 Finish A mini Anna Maria Horner quilt on a quilt! The pattern was one of the blocks in last years Skill Builder BOM from Pile O Fabric.


Number #7 Quilt for Baby Cooper

A quilt for a friends new newphew using the Tic Tac Toe block from Blossom Heart Quilts Bee Hive.

In progress…

Dance Magic Dance

Well, what can I say – I am tragic geek from the 80’s. Made using the YouPatch program. More details to come once he is quilted!

And he is complete!!! #youpatch #pixelatedquilt #dancemagicdancequilt #davidbowie #labrynith #jareth #pixelquilt

Then there is this new one brewing….

2 of 12 blocks down :) #learningtolovepartialseams #omgiamsewingwithpinkagain

Red and White 2015

And my Red and White Challenge quilt for the NSW Quilt Guild Show next month

Yay quilted - now I hate the binding options I have. Anyone know where art gallery Red London solid is sold in Australia??


and, I am crazy but I needed some hand sewing for sewing lessons..

uploadBee Blocks

Stash Bee

April for Heather


May for Barb

#stashbee #stashbeehive4 for Barb @mountainquiltworks

Bee Hive Quilts

May for Emily

#wantafanta for #thebeehivequilts for @handmadebyemily #beehiveswarmraylee I hope it is ok :)

and finally for the GWSMQG Membership Block

Sorry to disappoint @sancurls - no pixelated pic here for the #gwsmqgmembershipquilt #GWSMQG @gwsmqg

Skill Builder BOM 2015

I love Alyssa and Pile O Fabric’s Skill Builder BOM – so there was no way I could not do this years. How awesome is the design for Technicolor Galaxy?

So I did my original colour sheet – all rainbow, and was pulling my fabric to audition colours (OK I may have bought some Alison Glass specifically for this project) and then I came across some yardage in my stash from Anna Maria Goodfolks that I was saving for something special. And then I got thinking that fussy cutting it might be perfect for this project. So I took the leap and did the middle circle in the fabric.

(and sorry about the grainy photos)

Oops 2am #latenightsewing #technicolorgalaxy

The back #technicolorgalaxy
and then of course I had to replan the entire quilt colours and of course it had to be all Anna Maria. I actually don’t have much Anna Maria in my stash (now remedied) and I asked the girls of the GWSMQG if they were willing to destash any scraps. I love those girls so much – they totally came through with some awesome scraps for my project – some quite rare as well!

So I have gone with a Blue/Grey, Orange/Red, Pink/Purple Colour Scheme.

My star points





And I could not let my original fabric pull go to waste – so I made another center piece. This time I quilted it with some insulBrite in it so it could be used as a heated table placemat/runner. I gifted it to Hayley, one of the girls in my Aussie Handmade Birthday Club.

My second version of #skillbuilderbom #technicolorgalaxy - a placemat/table runner thing!

Starts, finishes and Bees!

I really need to remember my login more often!

How about we just do a nice picture based recap!

Quilty finish Number #3 for the year – a quilt for Baby Eve
Dodgy night time photo - but done! This one is going to love in Tassie! #arizonafabric #aprilrhodes


I started a most awesome glam clam quilt for my daughters bed. I have finished piecing the top now just need to piece a back together and quilt! I have broken into the precious fabric for this one – I need to start using it rather than collecting it! Little Mister has been “helping” by playing eyespy with it (when he should be sleeping)
Little mister likes the #catandvee panda panel the best on his sisters quilt #useallthegoodstuff #glamclamquilt

Bee Blocks

Stash Bee Hive 4

Jan for Renae

March for Amanda

My month was Feb and these are the fantastic blocks I have received so far.

feb blocks

The Bee Hive

Feb for Dellas
Day 3 of solo parenting, working full time and getting sick. Tv is babysitting while I have some ME time :) #beehiveswarmraylee

Mar for Kay
#tictactoeblock #thebeehivequilts #beehivequilts #beehiveswarmraylee block for @kayprovins - I hope it is Ok Kay!

April for Isabel
Next block for @lambandwolfie #beehiveswarmraylee #tictactoeblock.



QAYG Herringbone Quilt

After I finished my Gypsy Wife Quilt top I still had a tonne of 1.5″ strips left over. A friend had requested a quilt for a new niece and believe it or not – I actually think making a quilt our of these was easier that sorting them and storing them! I used Maureen Cracknell’s QAYG Herringbone Quilt tutorial, making the wadding strips 6″. I had to cut a few extra strips but I totally used my stash for this one.


This was actually really quick to come together. As I had most of the strips already cut I went on a bit of a piecing frenzy and had it finished in 2 nights. The only thing I am not a fan of is the slightly bulky seams. I am used to using binding strips for QAYG and as I used a fairly light background they did show through a little. It doesn’t matter so much for this quilt but I will probably use the strips next time.


One aspect that I love about this quilt is that I found some text fabric with the words “Aunty Ruth” so it is a perfect gift from Aunty Ruth to baby Maggie! Also her brother is in the navy so I had to include some little ships.


Quilty Finish #1 for 2015 : Zoe is a gem!

I kinda get really excited when friends who love and appreciate my craftiness fall pregnant. A lovely mothers group friend (mother to Miss E’s bestie) just had her third child – Baby Zoe. Previously I had made them a wedding quilt, a quilt for their son, Miss E helped me make one for her friend – so of course the new baby needed one!

Orignally I was going to work from my stash and do a rainbow quilt but then walking through Spotlight one day when FQs where only $1 I spotted these gorgeous “what a gem” by Alison Cole in navy, pink and green. I immediately feel in love with the bold colours and knew my friend would love them! The Cotton + Steel Arrows were also the perfect pink so it was an excuse to use them! I choose a simple log cabin block and arranged them in a cross pattern.


I quilted the navy sections in a diamond echo – mirroring an aspect of the navy fabric, and the White fabrics were quilted with feathers, again mirroring some feathers in the fabric. It made it quite interesting on the back – and probably would be more I impressive if I had added more blocks.


It is currently on its way to the new addition. We were a bit bummed that they moved 3.5 hours away but we can’t wait for baby cuddles in a few weeks time!

Also a tick off my Finish A-long list!

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