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Quilty Finish #1 for 2015 : Zoe is a gem!

I kinda get really excited when friends who love and appreciate my craftiness fall pregnant. A lovely mothers group friend (mother to Miss E’s bestie) just had her third child – Baby Zoe. Previously I had made them a wedding quilt, a quilt for their son, Miss E helped me make one for her friend – so of course the new baby needed one!

Orignally I was going to work from my stash and do a rainbow quilt but then walking through Spotlight one day when FQs where only $1 I spotted these gorgeous “what a gem” by Alison Cole in navy, pink and green. I immediately feel in love with the bold colours and knew my friend would love them! The Cotton + Steel Arrows were also the perfect pink so it was an excuse to use them! I choose a simple log cabin block and arranged them in a cross pattern.


I quilted the navy sections in a diamond echo – mirroring an aspect of the navy fabric, and the White fabrics were quilted with feathers, again mirroring some feathers in the fabric. It made it quite interesting on the back – and probably would be more I impressive if I had added more blocks.


It is currently on its way to the new addition. We were a bit bummed that they moved 3.5 hours away but we can’t wait for baby cuddles in a few weeks time!

Also a tick off my Finish A-long list!

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