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Starts, finishes and Bees!

I really need to remember my login more often!

How about we just do a nice picture based recap!

Quilty finish Number #3 for the year – a quilt for Baby Eve
Dodgy night time photo - but done! This one is going to love in Tassie! #arizonafabric #aprilrhodes


I started a most awesome glam clam quilt for my daughters bed. I have finished piecing the top now just need to piece a back together and quilt! I have broken into the precious fabric for this one – I need to start using it rather than collecting it! Little Mister has been “helping” by playing eyespy with it (when he should be sleeping)
Little mister likes the #catandvee panda panel the best on his sisters quilt #useallthegoodstuff #glamclamquilt

Bee Blocks

Stash Bee Hive 4

Jan for Renae

March for Amanda

My month was Feb and these are the fantastic blocks I have received so far.

feb blocks

The Bee Hive

Feb for Dellas
Day 3 of solo parenting, working full time and getting sick. Tv is babysitting while I have some ME time :) #beehiveswarmraylee

Mar for Kay
#tictactoeblock #thebeehivequilts #beehivequilts #beehiveswarmraylee block for @kayprovins - I hope it is Ok Kay!

April for Isabel
Next block for @lambandwolfie #beehiveswarmraylee #tictactoeblock.



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