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May happenings!

picture heavy post ahead!

Quilty Finishes

Number #4 for the year – Miss Elsies Glam Clam Quilt {only a sneak peek as I will do a separate post when I get a full photo}.  This gorgeous little fella is a panel from the Aussie screenprinting duo Cat + Vee.


Number #5 Riley Blake Challenge

As a member of the Modern Quilt Guild it is always fun to participate in one of their challenge. The rules for this one was make something new and a technique you have never used before. I decided to make a mini quilt using the least amount of each piece of fabric they supplied – so I guess this is my first venture into minimalist/use of negative space. I used bias strips to make my “A’s” (as my daughter calls them) and a combination of matchstick and pebble quilting. I also decided to face the quilt instead of the normal binding. I am planning on facing a quilt soon so this was a good chance to practice!



Number #6 Finish A mini Anna Maria Horner quilt on a quilt! The pattern was one of the blocks in last years Skill Builder BOM from Pile O Fabric.


Number #7 Quilt for Baby Cooper

A quilt for a friends new newphew using the Tic Tac Toe block from Blossom Heart Quilts Bee Hive.

In progress…

Dance Magic Dance

Well, what can I say – I am tragic geek from the 80’s. Made using the YouPatch program. More details to come once he is quilted!

And he is complete!!! #youpatch #pixelatedquilt #dancemagicdancequilt #davidbowie #labrynith #jareth #pixelquilt

Then there is this new one brewing….

2 of 12 blocks down :) #learningtolovepartialseams #omgiamsewingwithpinkagain

Red and White 2015

And my Red and White Challenge quilt for the NSW Quilt Guild Show next month

Yay quilted - now I hate the binding options I have. Anyone know where art gallery Red London solid is sold in Australia??


and, I am crazy but I needed some hand sewing for sewing lessons..

uploadBee Blocks

Stash Bee

April for Heather


May for Barb

#stashbee #stashbeehive4 for Barb @mountainquiltworks

Bee Hive Quilts

May for Emily

#wantafanta for #thebeehivequilts for @handmadebyemily #beehiveswarmraylee I hope it is ok :)

and finally for the GWSMQG Membership Block

Sorry to disappoint @sancurls - no pixelated pic here for the #gwsmqgmembershipquilt #GWSMQG @gwsmqg

2 thoughts on “May happenings!

  1. Wow, you’re a machine! Wish I had been this productive! I love the AMH Swap quilt. Seriously love it. I love David Bowie more then you’ll ever know and I love all the other things you’ve been doing. Can’t wait to see what June brings! :)

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