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Bloggers’ Quilt Festival :: Spring 2012


OK – I have worked up the nerve to enter the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival for 2012 hosted at Amy’s Creative Side.

It is only a quilt I blogged/completed about a few weeks ago – but I feel it was a step in a new direction of quilting for me!

C Quilt Front

The new owner of the quilt is quite deeply in love with it and I have heard a rumour she “pats” it every time she walked past it! A Lone Star that contains all sorts of fun goodies – mermaids, cats, butterflies and hearts combined with Pink and Orange goodness. I really like to try to include meaningful fabrics when I am making quilts for close friends – which I think is a fabulous excuse for why they take me so long to make! Though this quilt for Ms C was quite easy to collect fabrics for. I already had the Heather Ross mermaids and the Alexander Henry Domesticats. A few others were from my stash and I knew the Dear Stella Mimosa and Meet me at Sunset would fit in nicely!

I used my new Westalee Ruler to cut the diamonds. It was the first time I had used it (or a template at all) and I found piercing it very easy. There was a little bit of struggling with 3 corners meeting but I got there! I have since made two other quilts this way and am happy to say I have almost perfected it!

I struggled with the best way to quilt this one – my normal straights lines were not going to cut it this time. After consulting with my creative director (aka hubby) he suggested that why don’t I start in the centre and do a wavy pattern so it looks like the mermaids are swimming. I immediately said “Don’t be silly I can’t quilt wavy AND in a circle”. But then I started to like the idea – so I used my walking foot and somehow managed to do it! There are a few jagged curves – and geez did my hands hurt the next day! But I found the process quick and not having to measure things out was quite liberating (and time saving)

It has actually inspired me to buy a darning foot and attempt free-motion quilting – It arrived the other day but I have had the worst flu in history and I have not had a chance to test it out yet

C Quilt closeup

Thanks for stopping by – make sure you check out some of the other wonderful quilts at Bloggers’ Quilt Festival.

15 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Quilt Festival :: Spring 2012

  1. Love your quilt and fabulous fabric choices. Well done to your hubby for coming up with the quilting idea, it looks wonderful they way it is quilted.Well done!

  2. I like the walking foot wavy lines and am glad to know it’s possible. Nicely done. I think I might just try this type of quilting as my walking foot behaves better than my free motion.

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